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About Barsana


Barsana, the birthplace of Radha Rani, the beloved of Krishnaji! It is a town located 21 Km north of Govardhan, in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. While Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishna, it was only appropriate that his wife and ‘Shakti’ Goddess Laxmi incarnated as the companion and the love interest of Shri Krishna. Radha was born a year earlier than Shri Krishna. Radha, also known as Radhe, Radhika and Radha rani was born to King VrishBhanu and his wife ‘Kriti’ in a palace. King Vrishbhanu was the friend of Nand Baba, the foster father of Shri Krishna.

Shriji Temple Barsana

Barsana village is located 43 km from Mathura. The reason for the name of the Barasana village - Nand Maharaj ji, was very fond of Shree Vrishbhanu Maharaj Ji. When Shri Nand Maharaj was residing in Gokul. Then Vrishbhanu Maharaj was staying in Raval village near Gokul. When Shri Nand Maharaj crossed the river Yamuna from Gokul to protect Lord Krishna, he came to reside in Nandgaon. Upon hearing this, Shri Vrishabhanu Maharaj also came from Raval village and resided in Nandgaon. The mountain on which Sri Vrishbhanu Maharaj had lived. The name of that mountain was Bhanugarh and the second name of this mountain is Brahagiri Mountain. Due to his residing in this village, this village got the name Barasana village. The place where Vrishbhanu Maharaj Ji was sitting. At that place, the Shri Radha Rani Temple is located. In this temple, the regular service of Lord Radha Rani's vigil is worshiped. There are many temples in Brajdham. Among them, the temple of Shri Radha Rani is paramount. The Sidia of the temple is made of beautiful stones. In the course of his childhood, Shri Krishna had played in the beautiful game Nandgaon with his teachers. In the same way, Shri Radha ji had played the game in rowing with his beloved friends. There is a giant prayer in front of Shri Ji temple. Here every year the game of Kirtan, Jhulan Kirtan, Madhumangal of Holi games is held.

Maan Mandir

Radhaji used to go in seclusion when she was sad or angry. Krishnaji used to try to please her. It has a dark chamber.

Mor Kutir

Mor Kutir is the place where Radhaji and Krishnaji used to dance as peacock and peahen.

Radha Sarovar

This is the pond in the center of a forest where Radhaji is supposed to have a bath.